It is a Sloppy Grace That Brings No Change


We have lost our respect for God, our fear of Him, our understanding of His awesome power and majesty. We walk into our churches on Sunday morning, having no thought of God during the week. There is no pause of remorse for the sins we committed in the days prior, no consideration of how God must have felt to see His child rebel as we did. To be honest, most of us don’t even realize we have sinned let alone rebelled against God because we have no idea what sin is. Even if we do know what sin is, we think because of Grace we no longer have to consider our sin. It is a sloppy grace that leaves us bound to sin and God’s grace is not sloppy!

Oh no, holiness is not a requirement for the sloppy grace doctrine. Well, at least not holy actions. “You are holy because of Christ’s actions and that is all you need” is what they boast. While that is true, they are missing a very important fact; submitting to Christ’s holiness makes us holy in our actions! We can not be inhabited by Christ and not be changed. Jesus never touched a leper and left them a leper. The blind never found themselves in Jesus’ presence without being able to see when they walked away. The dead never heard “Come forth!” but did not find breath filling their lungs and suddenly having the rush of blood in their veins. A sinner never meets Grace without being empowered to overcome sin! Jesus would commonly say to people he healed or spoke to, “Go and sin no more.” He didn’t say, “Go in my holiness but live the way you always have.” Why? Because after meeting Jesus we have the power to “sin no more”.

The reason sloppy grace leaves us in the mess it found us in is because sloppy grace has a small, unimposing god who does not evoke a reverence from his followers. Not so with the God of true Grace. Meeting that God will leave you with a holy reverence and fear of His mighty power. You will be humbled and awe struck when you find yourself in the Presence of that God because this is the very one who could have exacted the payment for your sin by taking your life, but He did not! He instead chose to give His son’s life! By doing so you and I could have a new life, a life of holiness, a life of power to overcome sin, a life that will be lived in amazement at how awesome is our God of all gods, our Lord of lords, and King of kings.

It is impossible to experience God’s Grace without first reverencing Him and having a godly fear of His awesomeness. Without a powerful and unrelenting God of Holiness, grace is not needed. Sloppy grace says God is turning a blind eye while true Grace contends God is working in us to bring change!

Peace, Love, and Awakening!


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