Where Are The Christians?

I am sitting here, scrolling through FB, which normally is information overload. However, today I am struck by what appears to be missing. Now, I understand FB’s algorithms keep us from seeing every post from our friends ( 😡😡😡) but I rarely ever see this type of post missing after a national trajedy.


Where are the posts for support and prayers for those lost in Orlando?
First of all, are those affected not Americans? Americans who have suffered great loss?That alone should cause us to rally in support. Greater than that though, haven’t we said, “I love homosexuals” in our endless debates on bathrooms, rainbows, and reshares of some guys finger pointing at a verse in the Bible talking about cross dressing, let’s not forget our glorious Chic-fil-a days? Well, now is the chance to prove those words! Now is the time to put hands and feet on the love we claim to have! Now is the time but where are we?

I see a ton of a posts about Obama’s gun rights remark. I see a ton of posts about Trumps rebuttal. I see an AFA article titled “The Problem Isn’t Guns, Its ISIS” (Really? I thought sin was the problem? Smh )

Where are the Christians in this tragedy?

We boast about standing up against evil, well, evil has raised its ugly head and where are we? Could it be we are sitting back in our recliners, watching Fox News and thinking, “well you get what you deserve?” Again, I know I can’t see everyone’s post but it is markedly more silent on my newsfeed with this tragedy than others. We must ask ourselves why that is.

It is because this tragedy is revealing the truth. It is laying bare the shameful nakedness of our reality. It is showing us that we really don’t love the community we have debated with for so long. If we did, our actions would prove it. We love our guns! We hate ISIS! But do we love Homosexuals?

God does!

Can I speak some truth to you? Well I’m going to anyway because you need to hear it. God doesn’t give a flip about your guns! He doesn’t even raise an eyebrow over ISIS, He defeated their leader already! What He does care about is that men and women He shed His blood for died yesterday and He wants His children to love on those friends and families who are hurting. Instead we focus on us, on our rights, on our guns…

Of my people who are called by my name will…

To my homosexual friends, I am truly grieved by this act of terror and hate. I can only imagine the fear that grips your heart right now within your community. There is peace in this world, one that passes ALL understanding, even in the midst of senseless trajedy. That peace is found in Jesus and I am praying He makes you so aware of that peace that all you can see is Him, not the fear, not the hate, simply Him and how He can give us His LIFE even in the midst of DEATH.


Peace, Love, and Awakening



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