If I Were Not a Christian

Oh the things I could do if I were not a Christian. They are many and quite interesting and oh how I would embrace them, if only I were not bound to this heavy weight of Christianity. If only I were not compelled to walk this narrow way, if I were a camel unable to fit through this tiny eye of the needle, had never heard of the cross, the resurrection, the new life, and heaven and hell. Woe is me for I am a man of a heavy burden! For…


If I were not a Christian, I would be free to be me. I could do all that my heart desired to do without the fear of sin’s punishment. My desires, passions, lusts, emotions, and warped sense of truth would be perfectly acceptable and even expected in my life. I would be free me from the restraints of Christianity. The don’ts, the do’s, the commands, and requirements would all be shadows on a sunny day, minuscule interruptions of darkness in the light of a massively bright day. Oh the freedom I would experience, if only…

If I were not a Christian, pleasures would abound my friend. I could have sex without being married. I could enjoy the sensations of erotic touch without “putting a ring on it”. I could take in my fill of looking at the beautiful bodies that walk by me day after day and let my fantasies run wild. I could feast on the excitement and warm myself in the heat of passion until the night became day. Oh the pleasures that would abound hour after hour, day after day, if only…

If I were not a Christian, I would not have to turn the other cheek. No sir, mine would be a life of bitter retribution. I would take a pound of flesh in response to an ounce of hair. The world would know I was not one to be messed with. Those fools who dared to cross me would find out what a true brute is. I would not go the extra mile but I would turn the table and chase those who would compel me to do so fifty miles as they ran for their lives! Instead of praying for my enemy and loving them, I would show them the pain and anguish they have caused me…and then some. Oh, the vengeance I would show the world, if only…

If I were not a Christian, I could be the talk of the town, the life of the party, the big man on campus, the guy everyone wants to know, and the one everyone strives to be like. Mine would be an epic tale of popularity, if only…

All these things would be mine if I were not a Christian but…

If I were not a Christian, freedom would become slavery when I no longer can control my desires, passions, lusts, and emotions. Pleasures would soon cease to bring satisfaction as the emptiness of vain thrills left me longing for the next new thing. Vengeance would turn on me and take me down a darkened ally, leaving me beaten, robbed, and gasping for life as I learned vengeance isn’t mine to hold but belongs to the one left standing in the end. My popularity would soon fade as the next big thing came into town and my looks faded with time and change showed me to be what I am, a momentary, empty, shell of a man destined for the dust of the dead.

If I were not a Christian, I would be longing, deep inside my heart, for something more, something of beauty that never fades, something that brings pleasures that never cease, something that brings life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless, and healing to the hurting.

If I were not a Christian…I would be longing to find a better way, the narrow way, the yoke that is easy, the burden that is light…I would be longing for something that seems impossible to grasp until Grace gave me the deep soul desire of my heart…to be more than a mere man…to be a Christian.

Peace, Love, and Awakening!



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